Public pool and saunas complex in Tauragė

Modern public swimming pool and saunas complex is opened in Tauragė city.

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Širvintos sport center

Swimming pool complex in Širvintos sport center.

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Rūdiškės city fountain

Dynamic fountain was opened in central square of Rūdiškės city.

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Private pool

Private space with pool and rest zone.

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Public pool in Rokiškis city - complex of saunas

We installed these saunas in "Public pool in Rokiškis" :

Lithuanian (wet) sauna

Finnish sauna

Turkish (steam) sauna

Infrared sauna

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A. M. Brazauskas park fountains in Kaišiadorys city

Thanks to Our efforts, an inhabitants of Kaišiadorys city can enjoy President A.M. Brazauskas park fountains once again.

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Varėna city fountain with flowing stream

Renovated Vasario 16 street - pedestrian alley with decorative fountain and flowing stream in Varėna city. PoolPro team are very glad for an opportunity to contribute to this project implementation.

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Kėdainiai city fountain

Vytautas park has became attractve, modern equiped public space, fulfiling comunity needs and etertaining not only children but also an adults. There is a dancing fountain built in the middle of the park. It has colorful water currents with variable heights up to 2m. Water currents entertains citizens by forming labyrinth and other variuos shapes.

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Public swimming pool, Rokiškis

Public pool in Rokiškis was built in 2018. It is one of newest public pools built in Lithuania. The aim is to provide services of pool, saunas, steam beaths, leissure, health for citizens.

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Public swimming pool, Palanga

8 - line, 25m swimming pool with health center and public sauna is already open in Palanga, Kretingos street.

We have installed 25 meters long, 8-lines swimming pool which meets requirements of International Swimming Federation (FINA). Public swimming pool is suitable for national and international competitions. Next to sport pool, there is  2-lines (12m long and 5m width) training pool for children.

We have also installed SPA pool with water attractions, whirlpool with water and air massages, and wading pool for children.

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Public pool, Fabijoniškės, Vilnius

After 30 years, there is new 8 tracks public pool of 25 meters long constructed in Fabijoniškės district in Vilnius. All technological equipment are designed and installed by PoolPro team, intensely cooperating with client, contractor and authors of the project.  We are glad of our contribution to the project which will become training place for city athletes and yet unveiled young talents.  

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SPA pool in hotel "Radisson" Blu, Lithuania

New, compact, high-class commercial SPA pool was installed in cooperation with the client ant Czech manufacturer USSPA. SPA pool is named “Divan” because design was created by commercial design company – DIVAN DESIGN. Medium size (4 seats) SPA pool has enough space for every day relax moments, furthermore water and air stream jets are designed for complex body massage. Installed pool meets high and modern standards of hotel group “Radisson”. SPA pool water is filtered through filters with nano-granules filter filling of 1 meter high and sterilized by UV ray reactor with intensity of 60mJ.

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Wellness center: “Vytautas Mineral SPA”

“Vytautas Mineral SPA” is a complex of mineral baths, swimming pools and saunas in Birštonas, a medical diagnostic centre and an academy of healthy lifestyle. 

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Swimming pool in a private residence

This pool is our pride – the project was implemented in collaboration with one of the best-known Lithuanian architect groups and Italian designers.

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“Girstutis” sports complex

”Girstutis“ is one of the largest state-of-the-art sports complexes in Lithuania. 

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Fountain: Hotel “Marriott”, Belarus

The “Marriott” Hotel has been decorated with exclusive design fountains to give the hotel a modern, eye-catching view. Three fountain compositions beautify the vast area of the hotel. 

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Outdoor pool and whirlpool in private homestead

There is a wooden homestead located on the Margis lake in the Trakai district. It is enlivened by the luxurious pool on the slope of the hill. Probably, it is a dream for a majority of people.

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Home pool

Since we live in the country where the winter takes almost half a year, while the sun and warm weather are rarer guests in the remaining months, our clients tend to equi a swimming pool inside their house.


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Steam room at home

A steam bath offers not only physical relaxation and emotional pleasure, but also is one of the cosiest corners at home. 

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Outdoor pool in private residence

When people have their own house, they often want their own water body, too. The best option (if possible) is your own swimming pool by your house or sauna. 

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Sports club “Impuls”, Klaipėda

In September 2014, the new sports club “Impuls” was opened in the city of Klaipėda. Visitors are welcomed to the largest, 25-meter long swimming pool in Klaipeda and in all “Impuls” branches, with five swimming tracks. Beside it, there are four saunas, a jacuzzi with massage jets and a children’s zone.

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Fountain in Vilnius, Vokiečių street

The fountain operates again after total renovation in 2013 and amuses inhabitants of Vilnius all the day long. 

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Private SPA pool

The massage SPA pool in your own home creates an atmosphere of a real health resort. The water in it is always warm and you can enjoy the SPA any time of the day. Heat therapy removes fatigue, reduces back pain, joint pain, detoxifies a body, improves sleep quality and overall well-being. 

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Private swimming pool

It is especially tempting for owners of detached houses to have a private space with their own pool. 

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Sauna in a private residence

This sauna is not just a modern project - it is an artwork created with due regard to the smallest details. All wooden components of the sauna are handmade; lounges are made of linden; walls, ceilings and floors – of luxurious and exclusive black alder.

Much attention was paid to the lighting of the sauna: LED lights were used for the backs of lounges and the ovenstone tabletop. Also, the imitation of "starry sky" in the ceiling and the illuminated Himalayan Salt wall was mounted. For the sake of higher harmony and relaxing atmosphere, a glass wall with extraordinary scenery over it was provided for.
The modern bathhouse management based on the smart building management and maintenance systems Smarthouse and BMS was applied as well.

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SPA complex in “Marriott” hotel, Minsk

World-class Marriott Hotel has a SPA complex featuring a six-seat underwater-massage SPA pool (whirlpool) and a 10 m-long swimming pool. High-class water purification and disinfection equipment is available, all management processes are automated.

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Integrated hydromassage SPA pool

The sitting SPA zone of the swimming pool is special for additional water heating, and you do not need to get out of the swimming pool to get into it. The seating massage area is equipped with water- and pearl-bath elements, an integrated underwater RGBW lighting, and a waterproof control panel on the side.

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SPA pool in private residence

Hydromassage SPA pool is a therapy for body and soul. The outdoor SPA pool is ergonomically designed for 8 people on the basis of therapeutic principles. SPA pool is adapted to body lines, thus, providing maximum comfort, while warm water streams relieve stress and relax your muscles.
The SPA pool is available all year round; all the equipment is installed in a heated room.

  • In warm water, blood vessels dilate and blood flow to tissues improves
  • Water streams stimulate your muscles and help you to relax
  • Lifting force of water eases tension in joints
  • Warm water massage reduces arthritic swelling and pain in joints
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Steam room with hammam in private residence

Steam is produced in the steam generator and supplied to the steam room. The surfaces of the steam room are heated as well. Apart from floors and benches, there are also heated walls and other elements of the sauna, so that a sauna visitor can touch any surface of the steam room and feel pleasant warmth.

The steam bath is unique for its luxurious finishing using marble and ceramic mosaics. Impressive wall and ceiling elements and patterns are lightened in various ways. This sauna can be used in two ways: as asteam room, where the main heat source is hot water vapour, and as hammam, Turkish bath, with heated walls, benches and a massage table.

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Training pool for divers

There is a complex with a swimming pool for divers in Vilnius district. This is the deepest swimming pool in Lithuania! The pool is a 25-meter-long and 6-meter deep and has two tracks. Pool depth varies 1.5 to 6 meters. At the deep zone, there is a double adjustable bottom laid.

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Fountain at Europa Square, Vilnius

Fountain renovation works were finished in 2014 – bottom of the pool was renewed and more modern three-level water jet was installed. Overall repair works were necessary since water-proofing system of the fountain worn off and leakage appeared in the underground garage of the shopping centre “Europa”. During the fountain renovations works, new lights were installed and cover of the pool was changed with new tiles. Also, fountain equipment was renewed: water filters and automated water circulation and lighting systems.

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Fountain in private residence

Classics never go out of style – the evidence is this classical Italian granite fountain standing in the middle of the rose garden in the background of mountains. To achieve coherency between the outstanding landscape and a nearby standing historical castle, much attention has been paid to the design of the fountain, underwater lighting, and the composition created by water running from the top downward by goblets. In addition, the fountain is equipped with all necessary automatic water filtration and automatic disinfection equipment, user-friendly and modern management, and smart monitoring based on “Smarthouse” and BMS systems.

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Mini SPA whirlpool in private residence

A whirlpool or SPA pool with water currents and air geysers has been designed and implemented in line with the customer’s needs. It is ergonomically fitted with four seats and an extra air bench. The swimming pool is located above the floor. The water level is flush with the top of the whirlpool where it overflows, thus, creating a "flowing wall" effect. The entire technological circulation system has been designed and installed solely by our company.

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We specialize in designing, mounting and commissioning of technological equipment; we provide an after-sale warranty and periodical maintenance services. Also, we provide training and consultations on related questions.